Love and Gravity is the latest book I read that I absolutely loved! It is a story about a love that conquered time. With that you might think “Maybe the couple were separated and found one another again after a very long time.” NOPE! The love is between Andrea Louviere, who lives in the present, and Mr. Isaac Newton. Yes. THE Isaac Newton who lived during the 1600s.

Aside from the gorgeous cover, Love and Gravity’s plot is really interesting.  My interest intensifies as I read my way throughout book, trying to figure out how the story would end and hoping to get an explanation.

So here’s how I felt about Love and Gravity.  The story revolved around Andrea, a girl who opened a door to a new era when she played her cello, Isaac Newton, a guy who happens to be on the other side of the wall, and Nate, Andrea’s only friend who fell inlove with her.  I hated Andrea.  I hated her with all my heart for the following reasons:

  1. Who falls inlove with someone you only see through a crack on your wall? Andrea.
  2. Who chooses the guy on the other side of the wall over someone who’s been there for you, supported you, and loved you since you were kids? Andrea.
  3. Who chooses to go centuries back and leaves her family and only friend without regret? Andrea.

Told you I hated her.  Those were the things bothering me after reading the book.  Still, I loved how the book ended.






She recalled everything about the last time she saw the man she had loved her entire life.  And the first time she truly saw the man she was going to love for the rest of it.


I loved how the little boy found his magical girl.  How the magical girl realized that he is the perfect man for her.  I loved how Andrea accepted that she and Isaac were not meant to be together and moved on to live her life with Nate.  That is the kind of inspiring ending we all need.  That despite of things not going the way we initially wanted it, we have to accept our losses, move on and welcome the changes life has to offer. 😊

Honestly, I was afraid that the ending would not live up to the hype that I was relieved that Samantha Sotto delivered. I had the explanation I waited for and the ending the characters deserved.  Also, what better way to express your love for a book than to post it on Instagram and fangirl over the author.

Ms. Samantha Sotto is nice enough to tolerate my fangirl moment 😍Ms. Samantha Sotto is nice enough to tolerate my fangirl moment 😍

So, are we reading this? 😊 Grab a copy of Love and Gravity and let us support our local authors! ❤️


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