First, a little history on how I had the courage to put up this blog.

Growing up, reading is my least favorite thing to do.  I tend to feel sleepy, regardless of how exciting the book I am reading was.  So imagine my struggle everytime I have to submit a book report in highschool!  Nevertheless, I survived them, graduated, and told myself I would read only when necessary (yup. That’s how strongly I feel against it.)

Matilda by Roald Dahl.  The first ever book I had to write a book report about.  I can’t count the times I fell asleep while reading this despite enjoying it!

Then college happened and boy, did I not expect it!  Who told me that taking up accountancy is a good idea and did not dare warn me about all the reading that I would do?!  Yes, you guessed it right.  My mother.  But that’s another story. Lol.  So anyway, I could not take the risk of reading and falling asleep afterwards whenever I read accounting books.  One summer, I decided to “practice” reading.  I spent the entire summer vacation engrossed in different books until I can tolerate the sleepiness I feel.

Financial Accounting.  Best trilogy ever!!!

Now, here I am, five years, a professional license, and a work later, wanting to talk about all the books I read.

That’s where my problem comes in.  Everyone who knows me also knows how subjective I am.  Yes, if I don’t like it, I don’t care if the entire world loves it, I would continue disliking it until the end of time.  The same is true about the things I love.  Like Pikachu!  I loved Pikachu ever since Pokemon first came out and until those times everyone forgot about it and then remembered it again when Pokemon Go was out.  I was the most loyal Pikachu-loving person there is.  Okay, I always get out of topic whenever I talk so please bear with me.  GOING BACK… I am very subjective about how I felt about the books I read and I believe that I am not qualified to write book reviews.  But I really want to talk about my feelings about the books I read!  Most of the time, I lend my books to my friends and wait for them to finish it just so I can talk to them about it.  But we all know nakakapagod rin ang maghintay.  Lol.  So yey!  I decided to put up this blog to serve as my “Book diary” where everyone can share their very subjective feelings about the books they read.
Feel free to comment on my posts on how you felt about a book!  There will be no judging, just love ❀️  and after reading my posts, you could ask yourself: Arrvee reading this book? πŸ€”


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